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Analyze marketing trends in real time. Know when, what, and where people are scanning to target your customers needsTarget specific demographics to get the most out of your mobile marketing!

Is my marketing strategy working? What can I do better?

Every company wants to know the answers to these questions. Nobody has been able to answer them with 100% accuracy… Until now!

Code_IT’s analytic  software  puts you in the marketing driver’s seat . Our powerful metrics program shows you REAL-TIME information about what’s working, what’s not, and where changes can be made.

We track:

  • Number of barcode scans
  • First time scanners vs. repeat scanners
  • Time of day, day of the week, and month people are scanning
  • Mobile devices they are using
  • Location of scanners. Even world wide locations.

Even better, we track everything that happens when they scan. We track how many scanners:

  • Call or text you
  • Send you an email
  • Look at your social site (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, LinkedIn)
  • View your pictures or movies
  • View product information/reviews/checkouts
  • Follow hyperlinks
  • Anything!

You can see these results in real-time and make changes on the spot to start generating more money!

Code_IT has taken the guesswork out of marketing!

Start marketing in 15 minutes! Click here to start!Learn more about how Code_IT allows you to interact with your customers through their mobile mini website.