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Code_IT’s Dynamic Quick Response Barcodes

QR Barcodes are popping up everywhere, they are a quick and trendy way for customers to access the businesses and products they are interested in.

Code_IT's dynamic QR barcodes are Reusable, trackable, and customizable.

Every account is powered by Code_IT’s Dynamic Barcodes which unlock features that traditional QR barcodes can’t match.

Barcodes powered by Code_IT are:

Reusable (The same barcode can be reprogrammed for every new event or product. No more reprinting ads to keep your material relevant and up to date)

Trackable (Code_IT Analytics tracks every scan and every move your customer makes to put you in the driver’s seat)

Customizable (Customize every barcode with Code_IT’s mobile platform. You choose what the scanners see)

On an impulse, consumers scan these barcodes with their smartphone and find themselves looking at a product checkout page, a video tutorial, contact information or any other piece of business-promoting material that is imaginable.

Every Code_IT account gets:

Customizable QR barcodes.

Customizable Mobile Site

Analytics on every scan

We are adding more EVERY day!

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